I believe in curatorship. When seeking a recommendation, I’ve found it’s best to ask someone I trust personally, as opposed to an “authority” or critic. To discover places to eat, I consult friends whose taste I respect. Same thing with a movie, or places to travel, or books, or anything related to exploration and knowledge. I enjoy creating networks of endorsers. So people with a cultivated sense of pleasure can enjoy the taste of others, even for simple things

I've loved music all my life. The one person responsible for this is my brother, who made me listen to his music when I was very young. That turned me into a seeker, spending countless hours exploring new music. When I'm not working on something that requires my superpowers, I wear the outfit of a DJ, with the name; SILENCE.

This project is a response to the many requests of friends and acquaintances to share music. I create lists on different platforms and recieve pleasure in the sharing. I once heard that the difference between someone who likes music and a DJ is that the DJ loves to share music.

Project Silence is exactly that: a place to share a playlist of 10 songs twice a week. I hope you enjoy each list as much as I did creating it for you.


Some say I am an entrepreneur. I see myself as a person who likes to do stuff.

I've done a great variety of things. With an advertising background, I worked for several years as an Art Director until I entered the entrepreneurial world. Then, I created my first company, Placa Bacteriana, a small studio that lasted one year - until it sunk in the 2001 financial crisis in Argentina.

I tried my hand at other things like Proyecto Cartele – showcasing photographs of outdoor signs with unintentional humor. I published 5 books, participated in lots of exhibitions and biennials and put together a community of collaborators around the world.

After that I published the following book; Colores en la piel - photographs of the characters and customs of Argentine football; Sin Cortinas - an essay on the impact of technology and the media on our behaviors and likes; - a documentary about football playgrounds of the world with the kind of detail that makes them unique. Then came other attempts at artistic projects, some of which are still pending; for example, creating my first film El Ultimo Sabio, based on a script I wrote some time ago.

In the midst of all this, I also created a bunch of other companies and was present at the creation of a political party, Partido de la Red, together with a nice group of crazy idealists.

I currently dedicate my time -together with my business partner and friend Esteban Brenman- growing our company: UV Latam.

I did things that worked and some that did not. And I'm happy, regardless of the outcome.


We are a media and advertising boutique

Our company is a combination of talented humans and creativity that provide data analysis, strategy, planning and media buying to Fortune 500 consumer goods companies.

A lot of common sense and a pinch of intuition complete our magic formula to make our clients’ business grow 😉

At UV LATAM, every interaction counts.